Personal Projects in the Works and Creative Burn Out -_-

General / 27 January 2021

So for about the past 3 months or so I have tackled a personal project for my portfolio with the goal of exploring something fresh and different and trying to push myself to grow in new ways.

I tried exploring something with a Japanese Cyberpunk theme and mech design. I started with lots of research on culture, drawing and exploring. After lots of meandering and struggling to pin point what direction exactly I'm taking this in, realized this is becoming an overly ambitious task. The directions one can go in are endless and I am very fond of over complicating everything for myself it seems.  I eventually decided to try designing mechs to resemble characters from Japanese Kabuki theatre. It's been fun and interesting but also reaching a place of mental fatigue where I just can't decide if I like the direction I'm going in or not.

So going to put this on the shelf for a while. Hopefully later I can look at it again with new eyes.