Closing off for 2018

General / 01 January 2019

Hey guys! 

Happy new year! 

This post wraps up with the last few things I've been working on through to the end of 2018. 

I polished and finished up my characters I did through the Robot Pencil mentorship I took with Anthony Jones and very pleased with how they all turned out. I'll probably still create some character sheets for my portfolio with some turnarounds and character break downs and so forth. 

I also recently got into the basics of some 3D work. Figured it will serve me to expand my skill base a little. So far I've been getting to grips with Maya, Substance Painter and a little bit of Unity. 

I enrolled for a Substance Painter course through Udemy in which I was given a scene of a room filled with objects and was taken through the process of texturing every object in the room and later adding lighting in Unity. 

2018 was quite a productive year and I hope 2019 will be filled with plenty more art breakthroughs. 

Thanks to those of you who have stuck around to view my progress!