What I've been up to in September and October

General / 24 October 2018

Hey guys!


So September was filled with lots of work on the fundamentals of rendering - light, shadow, color, reflection etc. I've been making steady progress through Sam Nielson's Schoolism course on the Fundamentals of Light and Shadow. In addition to my assignments I did some studies. Some from photo reference, putting some objects on my desk and painting from life and also just finding interesting abstract sculptures and painting them. Rendering abstract shapes is good for just focusing in on accurately rendering form changes. 


I always need to change things up after a while as I get bored easily. I decided to enroll in Anthony Jones character design mentorship for October and I'll resume Sam Nielson's course when I'm done. The mentorship has been really great so far, despite having to get up at 3am for the class meet-ups. It's serving as a good test to see how well I can apply my fundamentals I've been learning to a set of characters. So far I'm discovering I still need to work at retaining solid fundamentals even when working at speed with deadlines. Values getting a bit messy here and there so I will probably have to clean up a lot on the final characters.

Theme: Peter Pan set in a post-apocalyptic diesel punk setting

Initial thumbnails:

Some quick renders and color variations:

I was beginning to feel that a lot of what I've been doing for the mentorship was looking a bit rushed, having to get it all done after work hours. I managed to squeeze in some time to tweak my designs a bit more, refining their shapes and giving more thought to details like Tink's wings. 


That's all for now. I'll be sure to update on the progress of these characters. If you've stuck around until the end of this blog post, thank you for checking it out! :)