What am I up to this May?

General / 15 May 2018

Hey guys

I've decided I want to start posting a blog once or twice a month, just sharing little details about what I'm up to in my artistic journey. 

This month is my birthday (yay) and another year older always forces me to reflect on what I accomplished in the year before and whether or not I'm on point with my artistic goals. 

In 2017 I met my goals of creating a visual- development portfolio project based on the first issue of my comic Woolgathering. I also completed and printed the first issue of my comic and sold it at Rage.

So far this year I've been getting into some serious study to try and level up so my next portfolio has a noticeable improvement in quality. I signed up to Wouter Tulp's Schoolism course and got busy with those assignments. My understanding of shape design has improved massively and I haven't even finished the course yet.  This year I really up to redo my portfolio with new skills, learn a 3D software program, start practicing techniques for speed and progress with issue 2 of my comic. 

In April I flew down to Fancon in Cape Town which was a great experience. Got some good feedback on the issue 1 of Woolgathering and now I'm amped to get going with the second issue. So May has been a busy month trying to direct my focus on what's important for attaining my future goals. I have been going through Scott Robertson's How To Render and this is really helping me with a fundamental understanding of light and shadow, something I know I struggle with. I'll be posting some up coming studies I plan on doing from what I've learnt so far from this book. The thumbnails for Woolgathering issue 2 are underway! Small steps. Focused attention. Consistent action.