Perspective Studies for the Win!

General / 14 October 2020

So in between having a sore hand strained from gripping my Wacom pen too tightly and moving into my own apartment, not much personal work got done recently. I have however, since August been working through my book Framed Perspective Vol 1 by Marcos Mateu-Mestre, as well as some tutorials from Modern Day James and Feng Zhu. 

Perspective is one of those technical, less fun and exciting fundamentals to work on and I have never really dived in and studied it properly. That lack starts to show up in your work eventually and even if you're drawing over some 3D geometry created in Blender, a fundamental understanding of perspective is still needed to draw things on top accurately. So using the Photoshop line tool and my left hand, I decided to work through as many exercises in Framed Perspective as I can, during this time I can't really draw properly.