Art Fundamentals in August

General / 26 August 2018

Hello to all who pops around to see what I'm up to :) 

Continuing the daily grind of honing fundamentals. 

I've switched to Sam Nielson's Schoolism course on the fundamentals of color and light and really learning a lot. I'd definitely recommend this course along with Scott Robertson's How To Render for a really in depth grasp on this. 

So far I've completed the first assignment, but think it's worth a repeat with a different texture to really push my understanding of how the light is falling on the object. 


I've also worked through Ahmed Aldoori's tutorial on lighting the head from all different directions, and first planning your lighting scenario on a sphere as reference. 


I've also done studies of my house in grey-scale using photos taken at different times of day - morning, noon, late afternoon and overcast to analyse the way the lighting, values and shadows change. 

My latest addition to my portfolio is the design of the lead female character of my comic, Lady Abella Barousse ( but throughout the story she will just be known as Echo, as Fino imagines her in his day dreams. Her name is Echo because she represents a mere echo of what he hopes to find in a woman; the idealistic fanciful hopes he projects onto a girl he barely knows in reality). 

Here are her costumes designs, showing different options for a dress at the masked ball - some softer, some more dramatic.