Art Fundamentals in July

General / 25 July 2018

Taking a break from portfolio building to just focus on some hardcore fundamental studies. My portfolio needs a bit of a revamp and I need to level up on some basic skills if I want the progress to be notable in my new work.

Light and shadow have always been my biggest difficulties, so here are some studies based on the book How To Render.

From my lighting investigation with a white plastic lemon squeezer, I created some different lighting scenarios exploring soft ambient midday light, direct midday sunlight and direct light from a lamp indoors, as well as some reflective light from the pink lid. I then applied it to a painting of Fino as if he was a white sculpture. I learnt that How To Render's half-way-to-black method works in ambient bright midday light, but as soon as you bring in stronger light sources the contrast in the value system gets much stronger. Good things to remember when planning my next painting.