Anatomy Studies and Learning Unity!

General / 27 July 2021

Things have been quiet my side for quite a while now.  A lot of art goals pretty much flew out the window this year due to a lot of hectic personal stuff going on, some of which involved me being sick with Covid for a good three weeks. Loadshedding doesn't help much with productivity either.

Through it all I've still been going along with personal studies when I have been able to.  Decided to take a deep dive into anatomy as that is something I tend to take for granted and assume I know pretty well.  I've been learning a lot and always amazed by how much I still don't know. It's painful to look back at my work and see some glaring problems but great to see my eye is becoming more trained to be critical of my own work.

In addition to that I've also been working through an introduction course to Unity! Scroll to the bottom to see the Sandbox level I've created using a free downloadable 3D game kit.  Learning lots of interesting things and seeing it all come together in the final part of the course where I create a level based on everything I've learnt so far. 

That's it from me for now. I will be back soon with more anatomy studies and the final level I've created in Unity.  

  Some of the reference pictures I studied from can be found at

Personal Projects in the Works and Creative Burn Out -_-

General / 27 January 2021

So for about the past 3 months or so I have tackled a personal project for my portfolio with the goal of exploring something fresh and different and trying to push myself to grow in new ways.

I tried exploring something with a Japanese Cyberpunk theme and mech design. I started with lots of research on culture, drawing and exploring. After lots of meandering and struggling to pin point what direction exactly I'm taking this in, realized this is becoming an overly ambitious task. The directions one can go in are endless and I am very fond of over complicating everything for myself it seems.  I eventually decided to try designing mechs to resemble characters from Japanese Kabuki theatre. It's been fun and interesting but also reaching a place of mental fatigue where I just can't decide if I like the direction I'm going in or not.

So going to put this on the shelf for a while. Hopefully later I can look at it again with new eyes.





Last few studies during 2020

General / 05 January 2021
Studies done during the last stretch of 2020 as a small break from heavy portfolio grinding.


Reference taken from mjranum_stock on Deviant Art

Photo for ref found here

Rim light studies

  Now back to heavy concept grinding!

Perspective Studies for the Win!

General / 14 October 2020

So in between having a sore hand strained from gripping my Wacom pen too tightly and moving into my own apartment, not much personal work got done recently. I have however, since August been working through my book Framed Perspective Vol 1 by Marcos Mateu-Mestre, as well as some tutorials from Modern Day James and Feng Zhu. 

Perspective is one of those technical, less fun and exciting fundamentals to work on and I have never really dived in and studied it properly. That lack starts to show up in your work eventually and even if you're drawing over some 3D geometry created in Blender, a fundamental understanding of perspective is still needed to draw things on top accurately. So using the Photoshop line tool and my left hand, I decided to work through as many exercises in Framed Perspective as I can, during this time I can't really draw properly.  


Anne with an E fan art - Jerry and Diana

General / 07 September 2020

I've decided to remove all fan art from my portfolio to just keep it visual development focused, and putting my Jerry and Diana fan art here in a blog.

The final artwork

Line art

Initial rough sketch

A comparison with the series screenshot used as reference

Starting a Youtube Channel

General / 22 July 2020

Hey guys, I have decided to start a YouTube channel where I will be posting my processes and documenting my journey of growth as a concept artist. Here is my first video to kick things off, a speed painting portrait study of Tom Holland.

Sketch and studies during June

General / 01 July 2020

Here are a lot of the rough WIP sketches figuring out the shapes for a group of new characters, guests at a masquerade ball. 

Also working on the surroundings at the ball, carriage concepts so far. Plan on designing some of the palace and ballroom as well.

Also spent time getting familiar with Blender. Plan on integrating Blender into my process for creating concepts


Light and Color Studies Dump

General / 05 June 2020

Here is a dump of all the light and color studies I've continued with since my last post.

Sam Nielson's Light and Color Course assignment 6 painting a face

Work in progress for assignment 7 on atmospheric perspective

Final painting and the reference I studied to complete the assignment


On the side I'm also doing various other little studies to try and revise some form lighting principles as well as movie stills in some animated films. 

I plan on creating a vis-dev project around the second issue of my comic, which features Fino at the masquerade ball and these rich indoor lighting scenes look like some good reference inspiration

Studies and sketch dump for February

General / 28 February 2020

Getting back into my Schoolism course, Fundamentals of Color and Light by Sam Nielson. 

Got back into it by revisiting the first lesson by making a render of an object I created in Maya and used that as reference trying to predict the light and shadow on another object. 

Got into Assignment 5 for hair and fur

Portrait study of Tom Holland for fun as a bit of a warm-up before tackling assignment 6 on skin and faces  

Sketchbook stuff while sitting in a coffee shop. Thinking of ideas and shapes for masked ball costume character designs for my comic and little color studies of James Gurney's paintings while reading through his book, Color and Light.  

Study and sketch dump for December and January

General / 30 January 2020

  Animal anatomy studies and assignment 1 for Terryl Whitlatch's Schoolism course